We are so excited to share the @duraseinsolidsurface blog link to our interview with our amazing collaborative partners! 
We cannot say enough great things about this material and are eager to continue sharing it with our clients where appropriate. 

Photography: @shelbydubinphotography 
Interior design: @bespoke_closets 
Fabrication: @bamillwork 
Countertop: Icy Grey by @duraseinsolidsurface 
Surround: @arauco_na and @wilsonart 
Stainless steel fabrication: @rickdanhausen 
Asado smoker: @billandrodsappliance 
Take a peek! 

On this dark, wintry evening, we thought we’d distract you with the beauty of this custom wall bed. 
Designed, engineered, fabricated and installed by our in-house team of skilled professionals at @bespoke_closets and @bamillwork , this is the perfect way to make your home work harder for you.
This wall bed is a twin size and features an articulating desktop that stays parallel to the floor when pulled down. We can create these pieces up to king size and in nearly any storage configuration. 
Come to our house to reimagine yours. 
Everything we design and create is truly #bespoke , one of a kind and made just for you. 
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We thought we’d share a little trip down (very recent) memory lane…
To the time we sent our co-owner, Barry, of @bamillwork to London to visit the @designcentrech and the showroom for our collaborative partner, @turnstyledesigns 

As you can see from the footage, their handcrafted hardware pieces are really functional pieces of art. 
We are honored to feature their stunning knobs and handles in our @bespoke_closets design studio, as well as share a collaborative partnership with their team. 
Come visit our home to reimagine yours, and let us build you an heirloom quality space that’s worth keeping. 
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It may be frigid outside, but it’s the perfect temperature in this wine cellar, expertly designed, engineered and fabricated by our in-house team of skilled professionals. 

Come visit our house to reimagine yours and see how we can design and build you an heirloom quality space. 

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Happy new year, design lovers! 
How is everyone doing so far? 
We are so excited start our new year off seeing our parent company @bamillwork on a front page feature in the @procabinetmaker CMA magazine! 
Check out our reel for a sneak peek, and if you’d like your own copy, send us a DM. 
#custommillwork #luxurydesigns #customresidentialdesign #luxurymillwork #heirloomquality

Who We Are & What We Do

At Bespoke Closets and Organized Spaces, we are here to turn the status quo on its head by providing comprehensive, luxury interior design services along with complete state-of-the-art fabrication capabilities to meet all of your needs. 
We specialize in the personalization of your spaces through elegant well planned self-expression via design, engineering, fabrication, and installation. 
Our design director brings over 15 years of both commercial and residential design experience to the table. Our team provides full scale interior design service as well as a la carte services which include, but are not limited to: 
-Creative & innovative interior design
-Space planning & programming
-Material consulting & specification
-Furniture & finish coordination
-Preparation of purchasing & bid docs
-Interpretation of construction docs
-Project management
-Moves & installation coordination
-Budget/ timeline estimation & tracking
-Teaming with project architects, contractors and other design professionals
-Current knowledge of furniture, interior materials & building applications
Our design director also acts as an internal fabrication liaison to assist other interior designers, architects, contractors and developers with bringing their projects from conceptual design to fabrication, from inception to completion. 


With our extensive experience and professional degrees, certifications, and ongoing continuing education, we are uniquely qualified to deliver you noteworthy products and interiors that are dynamic, heirloom-quality spaces for your home or business.

Whether your aesthetic preference is maximalism or quiet luxury, we can make your vision come to life through our hand-hewn details, specialized touches, discerning décor, diverse palettes, materials, and remarkable craftsmanship.

We are not designing or mass-producing standard, cookie-cutter products or spaces, but rather a variety of exclusive, customized, high-quality designs, furnishings and installations that will stand the test of time. We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate materials to create a finished product that is innovative, distinctive, and refined. With thoughtful consideration tailored to your space and construction dedicated to quality, we invest the time required to ensure exceptional results.

By investing in a Bespoke closet or organized space, you can efficiently store, organize and display anything within your home or business in a way that sets the stage for a successful progression through your entire day.


Our Process:

  • Unfortunately we cannot accept walk-ins.
  • Complete your detailed online project profile so we can understand your project goals. Completing these questions in as much detail as possible allows us to make best use of your time when you visit our design studio.
  • You come to our “house” first! We affectionately call our Bespoke Closets design studio “Casa di Burke”, designed + built to display the world of possibilities with exquisite finishes and accessories for clients to see, touch and experience. Schedule a visit & initial upfront consultation to be our guest and tour our 1800 square foot, luxury design studio to meet with our professionally degreed, credentialed design director.
  • Your time is valuable and so is ours. There is a prepaid non-refundable $200 fee for an initial upfront design consultation. If the project proceeds, your consultation fee will be deducted from your completed project total. The design consultation typically lasts approximately 2 hours and will take place over a steamy espresso, or an icy Italian soda. Our appointment only structure allows us to make you and you project our sole focus and provide you with concierge level service.
  • Shortly after the completion of your initial consultation, you will be sent a design proposal to begin the design process.
  • Installation timelines are highly variable and contingent upon your personalized selections, material availability and shipping circumstances.
  • We manufacture custom specialty goods with upscale materials, finishes and hardware primarily sourced from across Europe & North America. Our design staff and fabrication team are highly credentialed with combined decades of expertise. Your experience with us will reflect the value of our services and the benefits you will reap from them.
  • To schedule an initial design consultation, click on the “Start Questionnaire” box below.
  • If you have any questions or need assistance making an appointment, please contact us at (734) 679-2141.
  • For the architecture, design, construction and general contractor community, we are professional organized space experts and look forward to collaborating with you on your commercial & residential projects.  If you or your firm is a member of the architecture, design, construction, general contractor, or developer community, please contact us directly at (734) 679-2141.